Fertility experts from the Bridge Clinic Shed more light on Infertility And IVF

In this episode of Heart of the Matter titled Infertility and the IVF experience, show presenter Lanre Olushola is joined by fertlilty experts – Mrs. Etang Abang, Fertility Counsellor at The Bridge Clinic, and Dr. Dayo Omogbehin, General Manager of The Bridge Clinic.

Infertility is defined by Dr. Dayo Omogbehin as the inability of a couple to achieve conception after one year of continuous and unprotected sexual intercourse. According to WHO, it is a common challenge faced by 1 in every 4 couples.

Due to the culture of silence in Nigeria and Africa, the statistics of couples suffering from infertility is not defined. However Mrs. Etang Abang confirms that infertility is indeed far more common than we think in Nigeria.

In addition to highlighting the role of lifestyle as a main cause of infertility, the experts also called for the need for more awareness as a primary step in treating infertility.

Infertility awareness will help to change the cultural perception which sees women bearing most of the blame and stigmatization, even though research has shown that 40% of infertility is caused by male problems.

Also the attitude of living in denial or delaying treatment, as well as the reluctance on the part of most men to produce semen for analysis, will all be reduced.

Watch the educative discussion below:

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