Nigerian baby names: Idoma names for girls

Idoma À gbὲ hìì!

Looking for beautiful Idoma names for your Idoma princess? We’ve got you covered!

The Idoma people are the second largest ethnic group in Benue State Nigeria, with an estimated population of about 3.5 million.

They occupy nine local government areas in western Benue State. These include Ado, Agatu, Apa, Obi, Ohimini, Ogbadibo, Oju, Okpokwu, and Otukpo.

Interestingly, the Idoma people are not only found in Benue state.  A few of them are also found  in Nasarawa and Cross Rivers State.

In terms of culture, the Idomas boast of a rich cultural heritage. Notably, the vibrant red and black traditional attire called ‘Apa’.

The spoken language of the Idoma people is classified as the Akweya subgroup of the Idomoid languages of the Volta–Niger family. However, there are subtle dialectical differences in the Idoma language spoken across the various local government areas.

Choose a befitting name for your baby girl from our list below:

Idoma names for girls

AgbenuTreasure/ A Child is wealth
AkotukumMy heart desire
AladiNew beginnings
AnyaoleWomen make a home
EdokaA question has been asked
Eghahik'owoichoBeauty of God
Ehik'owoichoGod's gift/ Sent from God
EkocheMy own
EkonduBelongs to God
Eko'ondu GbeThe Lord's time is great
EkowoGod's time
ElakecheWorld's mystery
EmieneGod's plan
EnayiMother of Children
EnekoleMother of the family
EnewaMother of multitude
EnocheKing's Mother
EnyanwuSun goddess
IgbeMy share/ Mine
IgweyeThe people felt joyous about something
IhotukumMy love
IjewodaMoney brings pride
IkwulonuDeath hurts
IyowoichofeGod has a greater plan
NmakaniToo much Surprise
ObiaboGenerous/ Giver
OchejifeA person is worth more than money
OchoyamaGod's doing
OdalekoThere's a season for everything
OganyaLeader of women
OgodoMother of all mothers
OkaRoyal bead
OlohaA blessing bearer
OlohiRighteous/ Good person
OlotucheFaithful person
OnyabahiLuxurious woman
OnyaechiWife of gods of the Land
OnyecheNobody wants to be relegated
OnyechiWife of charms/ charming wife
OnyejeWho knows tomorrow?
OnyejecheWho knows the world
OnyemowoWho knows tomorrow?
OnyeyiboBeautiful child
OnyikpechiDaughter of harmattan
OnyilokoWoman of stong virtues
OnyochoGod's wife
OofuniGod's grace is not gotten by force
OwagoyiOnly God can give a child
OwoleChild of destiny
OwoloyiAll children belong to God
OwonyaSaved by grace
OyanwoleGood wife makes a home
OyibingaI will endure all for a child
OyifeA Child is greater than wealth
OyilonyeChild is sweet
OyiwecheA child is life
OyiwodaA child is a source of pride/ A child is wealth
UgbogaVisitor/ guest
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Were any names missed out? please tell us and their meanings too!

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