“14 tips to survive through pregnancy” – Love Layefa

As pregnancy can be such a daunting task, pregnant women especially first time moms need all the tips they can get.

Even veteran moms will also benefit from these life-saving tips shared by Vlogger Love Layefa on her YouTube channel – Life by Layefa.

In this vlog, the experienced third time mom talks about the essential items and hacks that will make your pregnancy journey much easier.

From dealing with stretch marks to maternity shopping tricks, and so much more, Layefa delivers the ultimate pregnancy survival guide for you:

  1. Sleep: Get as much sleep as you can before your baby arrives.
  2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: The more you moisturize your skin, the more the appearance of stretchmarks is reduced.
  3. Don’t waste money on maternity clothes, you only need the maternity jeans.
  4. Buy stacks of panty liners for those accidental ‘oops’ moments that are all too familiar when you laugh, sneeze or cry.

Learn more tips in the video below:


Do you have useful tips for moms-to-be? Did you discover hacks that made your preggo life easier? Please share with us in the comments section.

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Chewing gum helps a lot with nausea, but avoid the so-called sugar free ones. They contain aspartame.

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