“What not to tell/ask a pregnant Nigerian woman!” – Sisi Yemmie

One certainly has to be careful about what to tell or ask any pregnant woman, because hormones are raging!

For most African women, particularly Nigerian women, not only are hormones raging but also pregnancy is considered a very sensitive and private subject.

So people who are guilty of making snide remarks about iya ibeji’s physical appearance, or are too curious about a Nigerian woman’s pregnancy should learn from this vlog shared by Sisi Yemmie.

In this hilarious clip, the lifestyle blogger/vlogger goes through the common questions asked, and the best response to each.

A little tip – whatever you do, NEVER ask her about her due date because the response is EPIC!

Watch the video below:


Were there questions or comments from people during your pregnancy that got on your nerves? Share with us in the comments!

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